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Hello from New Zealand Again

c cab

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Hi All as I see there are some others from good old NZ I thought Id say Hi Again I see hotrod todd is here from another forum hows it mate well & bit about me Im in Automotive Development & currently building a Hurst for the NZ & Aussy market interesting job My hotrod I have is a bucket that was built in the 70s fully fendered its called Midnight Express (maby thats how the builder got all the parts) & Im building a c cab at the moment this keeps changing all the time was to be fully fenderes then not now ???????? well see anyway hers some shots of the bucket



Welcome to the T-Bucket Forums!

That's a nice ride you've got. Please keep us updated with pictures of your C-Cab build. I'm just a few days away from my Total Performance kit being shipped and I'm already dreaming about a C-Cab. I'm not sure the doctor can keep me alive long enough to ever build one, but at least I'm dreaming, right? ;)

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