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hello from New Zealand



Building a 69 chrysler and 28 essex as well as helping plenty of mates build there cars too!
Welcome to the forum Chad do you have any pictures of the Essex you can post?
Chad, Welcome! I am building a 31 Hudson before getting to my T. Post up some pics when you get time, we love pics around here.
Sorry I havent yet got any pics of my essex as it is in lots of bits all over my shed at the moment. Some one had already chopped it up by the time I got my hands on it, but my plan is to roadster it using a set of austin roadster doors which I found fit near perfect and a 50 plymouth boot lid, the rest I will make myself.
Hey Chad! Welcome! New Zealand is one of my Dad's favorite places to visit. The last time he was there, he saw a long line of roadsters driving in the rain. He said "they didn't look happy", and I said I knew that feeling too. If you drive it, sooner or later you're gonna get wet! Good to have you here.

Hi Chad what part of NZ are you I to am in NZ (Orewa) I had an essex coupe a while back love them
I'm living in Feilding, there seems to be quite a few around this area including a coupe. You wouldnt happen to have any parts lying around would you?

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