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Hello from northern Mi

1924 c cab

New Member
Hello everybodyI am a newbie to this forum from Northern MI. I have a 1924 C Cab.It has a steel body,385 stroker,6-71,nitrous,oak top and box. My wife has a 23 T. We drive these all over and have fun with them.We were at the downriver cruise last week and was in the 4th of july parade in the town we live in.We would like to hear from any other northern MI bucket heads out there.Thank you Steve
We were at the downriver cruise last week.

What time were you there?I live in Taylor and i didnt see your car.Here's mine did you see mine?Man that place is a blast tons of people and cars every where.Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum Steve, that's a sharp looking C-cab.
We went cruising on friday about 6 pm for about a hour and on saturday from about 1pm to 5 pm.Had a blast checking out the cars there.Hope to do the same next year.maybe we all can meet up.
Welcome to the site I thought Northern Michigan would be in the U.P. somewhere like Escanaba.
Hi Steve, I am down here close to Kalamazoo but we are from Alpena, I have a brother that still lives there , He frequently gos to "Lets Talk Auctions" that should be close to you.
We have taken our T to the Ramblin Rods show in Alpena in the past,I believe that is in August.
Great looking ride you have there, maybe we will cross paths.

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