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I have been on the board for awhile - I just got my pictures up.

If anybody recognizes this car from the Michigan area from many years ago, message me


Welcome! It's always good to see another T Bucket pic and yours looks really nice.
:ciao:Welcome Andrew
Well Andrew...

thought I'd make it a little easier for folks to see you ride... so here it is!


Looks like you're running a ford in a ford! What can you tell us about your car? We eat up stats and pictures for breakfast here... :lol:

anyway, I don't know what your plans are for the car, but you've landed here with a group of very knowledgeable folks that are very willing to help out should you have any questions... it's way fun... enjoy!


Yes, my car is a 23 truck kit, I don't have any idea who made it or anything, its got a Corvan reversed steering box, 57 Chevy rear end 4:10 posi, full drum brakes all around and a built up C4 Tranny. The car was built in 1982 in Michigan - taken apart 2 years later only to be rebuilt in 2006 here in Colorado- car had 1200 miles on it when I got it from a car lot, and I put another 500 miles on it on it last year. As for the engine, its a 302 with a hydraulic cam, I think around 270 duration, Holley 600 carb and an Edelbrock intake. Car weighs in at 1740 pounds currently. I have a full roller 347 stroker engine with aluminum heads and a funnel web intake I plan to put in it soon but I haven't gotten around too it yet. Currently the car runs pretty strong at stoplights and things but I have no idea what something this would actually run in a quarter mile.. I hear alot of different things to be quite honest. I just show it and take it drive ins and stuff really. At the moment its puts down around 180 Rwhp but I am shooting for about 360 rwhp with my 347 motor. I have have lots of cars and trucks but this thing ruined me totally ! I find all else boring in comparison.
coloradotbucket said:
I have have lots of cars and trucks but this thing ruined me totally ! I find all else boring in comparison.

Ain't it cool how they do that?:)
I'm not 100% on this by any means, but giving your car the once over based on that one picture, I'd guess you have a Total Performace body and frame...

Since you were wondering what it might do in a 1/4 mile, I thought of one of our members Andy Fadster from the UK who posted this vidio clip (just click on it)... might give you a good idea of what a T can do...

Andy's car ran low tens last year but changes during the winter have increased power from 525 bhp to 614 bhp with some improved tyres by Mickey Thompson and a pro ratchet shifter for more precise gear shifts

and good thing he had a good roll bar setup!


You can see alot more in his post... Dyno run, results, it's way cool... I suspect you might enjoy it!
Thats a great video. Does he have a smallblock chevy in there ? I bought my grille ornament from Total Performance last summer, It made a big difference in the look of the car.
Here is what Andy posted about his build...

andy fadster said:
The cam, and all the valvetrain come to that, is Crower. I will post the whole build sheet in the near secrets here !! The engine runs JE pistons with Total Seal rings. 8.5:1 compression with Dart Pro1 heads. Block is Dart Little M with splayed 4 bolt mains. Blower is Weiand 6-71 running 10 psi of boost at 6500 rpm.

3500 rpm JW stall converter thru a JW two speed 'glide.

9" LSD Narrowed Ford axle.
Welcome to the site. Your car has a great look to it. I agree with Al, it appears to be a Total kit. Your new engine sounds bitchin'. Just remember to pack an extra pair of shorts when you hit the street and put the hammer down.


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