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Here is a Real Steel T body for sale

A little expensive for me with shipping but I would love to have it.
Maybe one of you fellers with a bigger budget should try for it

Steel Model T Roadster body
found in a field. It looks to be a '22 or so body to me but I am no expert.
Probably well worth the asking price if it doesnt go up much.
If someone were building a Grabowski clone, I think this is the same 22 touring front half Norm used, and Franco later used for the recreation.

Very cool.

Looks to be the front half of a Touring.Looks could be decieving but it looks to be in good shape.
Looks like someone was in the process of making a theme den or something. That looks to be in great shape. Ahhh... the quest for steel.
ivo's and norm's cars were both the front of an early touring. that' is a '15 style t.

Two hours left in the auction.
I hope someone buys it that will put it to good use in a Bucket.
I really would love to have it myself but my budget for a body is $500 and Lord knows how much shipping would be on this thing and what sort of shape it would be in upon arrival.

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