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Here they are gentleman!!!


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Boogdie, boogdie boys...Here they are!! You can find them at this link;

I hope you all find something here you can use. If you have any questions, post them on this site. Enjoy!

I think a little clarification is in order . . . Youngster is referencing his much anticipated T-Bucket Frame Plan Set! Follow the link and you should be able to download a pdf of them. If you have any problems post a note back here and we'll make sure you get a set one way or the other!

Lemme be the first to say THANKS Youngster!!!!

My son just called, he said when he tried to download them he got a popup he couldn't get rid of. He closed the browser and went back and tried again and no popup this time and it worked fine - he's perusing the plans right now.

I have my machine loaded up with all kinds of anti-spyware/popup blocking stuff and I didn't encounter any problems uploading the file or during a test download, but if you do please just try closing the bowser and then trying again.

I wont be home till 11:00pm central, but if we have problems with people downloading please post back and I'll see about emailing them when when I get home (and then finding a better file hosting place!).

Thanks Steve. I guess I got a little ahead of myself.

Papa Ron.
Awesome, I like those better than my CCR plans.
Yes, these are a lot better than the CCR plans, especially for us newbies.

A special thanks to Ron for the design and wealth of information, and to Steve for putting the package together.

Too bad there wasn't a Pullitzer Prize dedicated to Hot Rod Manuals.
I thought I would mention that we are expecting upgrades to the plans (hence the Version 1.0!) . . . if you make drawings to make things clearer, take pictures as you're building, etc. please forward that info so we can include them in future releases.


Hi everyone I have a set of these plans from Youngster. I have and old set he gave to me a couple of years ago. They are great, everybody that got together and made this available online you did a great job. I have an advantage of knowing Youngster for a few years and I have seen all kinds of his work. Everything he does is top notch. He takes his time and does it right. You could not ask for better help on any project you are trying to do. Youngster has been helping me on a 26T project. Hopefully when it warms up I can get stated back up on it. (I didn"t want to pay to heat my garage this year.)
Well Paul....First post...Congrats! Thanks for the kind words. ;)


PS. I'll have your $20 at work tomorrow!:lol:

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