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hey all


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hey all new to site would like to pick everyone's brain on a 23 t....building from ground up....never done before....fiberglass body, total performance chassis, no front end yet(will be suicide perch),ford rear from 96 mustang,and 1956 ford straight 6.......any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...........thanx
Questions need to be asked before answers can be givin.
welcome to the site. You've come to the right place to find the answers to your questions. They're gonna wanna see pictures, just to warn ya.

Check with RPM (Ron Pope) on the site here. He can set you up with the front end for your T. He also has prints for all of Totals plates and brackets. Should be a huge help in your build.

Has anyone ever mounted their master cylinder on the firewall of a fiberglass tub also any tips on reinforcing the body . thanks for the welcome and advice
It can be done if you re-inforce the firewall with plywood and a metal nut plate. A frame mount is stronger and makes it easier to run brake lines before the body is even installed.

Adding to Youngster if You ever have to remove body it makes it much easier underneath.
thanks for the info on the length of the engine I didnt think of that. I was given a front end from a 31 ford today it still has the wishbone unsplit.I would like use it on my bucket. Any tips on splitting the wishbone. thanks, Lou.

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