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Hey From Ft.Lauderdale


Hi Guys, Quick story-Coulpe Memorial Days ago my sister held my 40th
b-day party at her house in Jacksonville, went to big car show
there.Fell in love with the t-bucket,bought one from a guy
online:sad: guy lied about everything(live n learn) been adding
to it slowly
Welcome to the site cworld03. How can we help? Post pics if you got 'em.

I think we've all bought one thing and received something different. That's just one of the reasons this site is becoming so popular. We all support each other.

Welcome to the forum. Get that baby going, Turkey Run is right around the corner at Thanksgiving, and Billetproof is in March. Hope we get to meet you there.

Isn't it funny how people describe stuff and then you get it and you wonder if they are crazy or just blind. :mad: We drove 13 hours one time to pick up a truck cab I won on ebay, got out of the car, took one look and got back in the car and went 13 hours back home. I told the guy he could put in all the bad feedback he wanted, I was not buying something that was so badly misrepresented. We were at his house all of 5 minutes.

Post up some pictures of your new find.

You know it never crossed my mind to ask about front brakes,(didnt have any:eek:) well Pete at Total walked us threw that.
Pete didnt know who my body was made by, maybe i will post pics to see if any one knows
R P M sent me pictures from N T B A Nationals So i am picking stuff that i like off diff. cars for mine
Welcome, sorry about your bucket. post up some pics. We can help ya fix it.
Welcome from a fellow Floridian, I live in Oviedo. To add to what Don said, there is a NSRA meet in Tampa in October. Even if your car is not ready you could come to the event and meet several T owners and "pick their brains" to help your car along. I know that I'll be there and am more than willing to help you in any way I can.
welcome cworld03

I live in west palm now. grew up in Miami and also lived in Hollywood.
I'm new 2 the T-bucket world, but i got the bug... my car is under going some electrical repair but hope to get her on the road real soon.

U will find out that the guys here really know there stuff..
take some time to read the post that r listed u will find most of the answers u r looking 4...
hope 2 see u at some car show real soon or just on the road.

(p.s. 2 all the guys out there thanks 4 the awesome info u give us new guys)

:cool: Laz
The dates for the Tampa meet are October 10th - 12th. I hope that you can make it.
Thanks Guys, New motor went in this weekend:lol:(350 10 over Weiand hi-rise
twin holley 450s K and N Tall stacks) looks and runs GREAT,
I could not be happier! New rear rims/tires too.:D

Have pics/need help posting
Welcome! I live just up the road a bit (150 miles or so...) in Titusville. Your frame looks like a Total Performance; it has the same style radius rods, steering box mount, and rear coils that they use. There must be at least a dozen body manufacturers, so identifying it may be nearly impossible. Your gas tank looks like it could be from MAS, so the body could be from them, too. The good news is, it looks like everything is there, so you should be cruising very soon.:D

If you need help with anything, just post the questions. There are a bunch of us here who have been building cars for years and are glad to help...;)
ex junk

where will i find more info on the NSRA in Tampa? Thanks Claude
Google NSRA then go to "Events" then go to "Southeast Nationals".

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