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Hey Lee in KC

Not working out for diddly-squat!! I'm in the process of working on the shock set-up as we speak (well, actually I'm taking a lunch break as we speak, but I was working on the shocks!). I've been driving the T for three seasons without shocks and doing everything I could to get rid of the wiggles and the bounces and the wobbles. Spin-balanced the wheels and tires on the car, messed with toe and caster, tried different air pressures... best I could do was about 55-60 mph before the death wobble would start. Hoping shocks will fix it. I designed some shock mounts and had RPM make them. Here's a link to a thread about them.

Got the mounts all mocked up on the frame and holes drilled and tapped. I'm currently in the process of polishing the mounts for chrome. Almost there, may post some pix tonight.

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