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Hey Tfeverdfred, you have me inspired to build another car!!!


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I have been following your build from the begining... I got to say this, You have a GREAT T-Bucket and you have done such an awesome job building it!!! Dude, ya can't give up on her!!!

I just finished mine and got it on the road less than 6 months ago, mine is a '27 body T-Bucket and I know that I would break down into tears if I ever crashed it. I have came very close to crashing it so I have a REAL good idea how you are feeling.

I must admit one thing though. In my last post on your tragedy, I mentioned that if I had the chance to do a few things over... I would!!!

You have inspired me, you have me to thinking!!! Yes, I love my T-Bucket, but I have realy been thinking to make those changes, but not to my T-Bucket... On an entirely new build!!!

I have a beautifuly chromed and polished Jaguar differential hiding under my car. In some way, that statement iritates me because that beautifuly chromed and polished Jag diff "IS HIDING" under the car. Nobody see's it much realy unless they are on there hand and knees looking under the car.

The frame is 1/4" wall and very, very heavy... I don't like that.

I love the '27 body, but it's length kind of makes the entier vehicle so long that it's sometimes like attempting to park a transit bus in a compact vehicles parking spot.

Yes, I am already thinking to build another car, LOL!!!

This time though, I'm thinking to build a '23-'25 body car.

I'd like to widen the '23-'25 body by as much as 6" and stretch the cowel forward 4".

I'm thinking to build another car because I do not want to disassemble my '27.
i hope ime not goofing up but tfeverfred was in his misbehavin and was in a wreck with a houston cop. oh yea the cops fault. he was bruised up and the car was severly damaged. so all our prayers are needed by him mike
Randall...I don't remember who it was that said this but in an interveiw i read a while back it was stated, "Areal rodder is one who is finishing one up, has started the second one and has an idea for the third on in his head." Dose that sound familiar?

Ron, unfortunately that is all too true. I like many others I'm sure I have more projects either in work or planned than I have years or income to ever finish. The next T will be a quickie I hope, then there is the wife's Morris Minor, and the 63 Ranchero in the drive, as well as a 29 Model A sedan in the attic, and the parts I have garthered for the model A woodie...ect. ect. But the way I look at it, what would I be doing if I wasn't doing this Randall
Funny how they pile up ain't it. My list goes something like this;

'27 modified (in progress now)
'33 dirt track car (in progress for 5years)
'23 T with the Jag for my daughter (shhhhhh....)
'16 soup job (just got a steel body from Oklhoma)
hill climbing T speedster (to show Fred what he's missin')
'29 rdst p/u (waiting for inspiration)
"27 rdst p/u hiboy (think I just sold that one)

Then there is other folk's projects;
'33 Chevy p/u
'31 A p/u

Hope the doc can keep me running long enough to get at least part way through the list.

Don't mean to hijack the thread but how about the rest of you. What's up next?

Youngster said:
Don't mean to hijack the thread but how about the rest of you. What's up next?


Maybe just buy one of yours. Actually a '27 track T with a 4cylinder something in it.
I'm kind of like the old joke........"How do you spot a rich redneck? He has FOUR cars sitting up on blocks in his front yard. :lol::lol:) I have my current '23, my old '27 that hasn't seen the road in 8 years now, my '39 Dodge pickup that is maybe 70 percent done, and I just picked up all the running gear and engine from a '46 Ford that I plan on building a little modified from, using my Son's cast off '29 roadster pickup body. I be ONE RICH REDNECK for sure!! :eek:

I hope Fred is able to rebuild his T. He loves that car and put so much hard work into it. Just goes to show you that sometimes bad things happen to very nice people. Knowing Fred from the various posts he has done, I somehow don't think this will stop him for long. :)

Which one you interested in Todd?


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