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Hi from north ms


Hello everyone,
i am taking my first steps as a dream chaser turning it to a reality. I went to mountain home this past july and purchased a body from spirit and attended the car show. I have been walking junkyards and gathering parts. I am currently in mock up stage of frame and will have a ton of questions. I am looking foward to chating, talking, meeting fellow members.

Get ready to start having some fun... as you build it and when ya finally get to drive it... Enjoy!

Oh yes... it's rumored there are several members in this outfit that are very gifted craftsmen and very knowledgeable as well... any questions, just post one and see if they don't all jump all over it like Purana to fresh meat! :)
I know it's a stretch with gas prices but there's a pretty big group of bucketheads centered in the Southaven / Olive Branch area, a couple up here in Memphis and even some over in Corinth that occasionally make an appearance.

SAM'S TOWN is coming up soon... September 12-14.

Memphis Street

Stop by and say HI.

Here's the pics from last year.


Flickr: uncleslacker7's Photostream

Flickr: uncleslacker7's Photostream

Flickr: uncleslacker7's Photostream
I would love to attend but it is a work weekend. I will keep a check on events in area as I am only 1 hour away.
Sorry I missed your intro. Welcome to the site. We're here to help. Just ask and ye shall receive.

Check out the frame plans in the Tech cloud.

I missed this too, Welcome :buttkick:

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