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Hi from the UK


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Hi Fellow Bucketeers!

I am from the Uk and have been into cars since I was a boy, had my first car before I left school and have been building ever since then, I have had many cars/vehicles ranging from classics to hotrods, minitrucks to full size pickups. no motorbikes as yet! Although my sister has a trike which I have used when she lets me!
My T is the most recent and was built by myself except the paint and engine/gearbox. The body is all steel and the chassis is my own design it has a 305/powerglide and a speedway front end, jag rear and upright steering. I use it as much as I can and have FUN!
I have been married three times, no kids, no pets and like my holidays, most of which are to the states.
Digger, Welcome to the sight. Glad to have another person that I can bounce questions off of. I also ride a Triumph, newer model. Cheers.

Welcome Digger, very nice looking car.

Welcome Digger...Where do you visit when you're here in the states?
Welcome aboard, Digger! Nice C Cab!
Youngster said:
Welcome Digger...Where do you visit when you're here in the states?

Hi youngster. we [me and the wife] like to travel so we have been to a few places over there, usually late august and september.
Last year we started in detroit then drove into canada, niagara,toronto,montreal then back into the states to albany fro the goodguys show in rhinebeck then across to boston, NY, then washington and home! 2300 miles in 3 weeks!
we have done the west coast as well [several times] and florida twice.
This years trip will start in vegas and we do a big circle starting north and taking in a load of national parks, salt lake city, denver and round the canyon and back to vegas. should be around 2800 miles in 17 days!!
Have even tried to imigrate to california but they didnt want us!!

I think that you country is great and one day I will live there!! I only work to pay for my cars and my trips to the states
I am a BH, new to Arizona. I have some stuff from your area. Twenty year back I drove a BugEye for about 7 years. When I sold it, I me sure that I had a BSA to take it's place.
Now I still have the '66 Thunderbolt waiting next to my "T" for some riding around in this normally beauty sun. I make sure I ride one, or the other each week. Lately it's been the "T' mostly. If you go to the Grand Canyon, just go 4 hours south to the sun where you can see 2-3 dozen buckets in Phoenix. Plenty of good times, people, and supercool cars are here. I'm glad your are keeping the "T" flag flying.;)

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