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Hi T-Bucketeers


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Greetings - I don't have a T-Bucket but I know where to go for sage advice. I'm building a '34 Chevy, using the semi-elliptic parallel leaf, front springs. I've been in search of a dropped tube axle that's straight across the bottom, to mount below the springs. Axles for Fords have the spindles are 46"-47" on center which is what I need, but have a slight curve. Most T-bucket tube axles are straight but the spindles are 48"-50" wide - a little too wide for my Chevy. A little research on your site lead me to RPM who makes axles in any length. A phone call to Ron told me that I'm on the right track.

Anybody have any ideas regarding caster and camber? I'm told that Chevies set their caster by the leaves and to bolt the axle perpendiular to the springs. Take a look at the photos of axles made by Butch's Rod Shop, Dayton, OH - now out of business.

Thanks for any insight -

Jack Logan, out here in dry, rust-free Albuquerque, NM
That is the exact same axle that I pulled out of my '37 Chevy and used in my T. I stripped it down to the bare tube then added the necessary bracketry to mount it on my chassis. It has worked excellently in both the '37 and the '25.


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