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I'm new to this forum but have always like the simplicity of t buckets and always wanted to build one. After finding this forum and reading some thread I must say you guys are talented in building your own bodies, frames and even tools( bandsaw for ex.)I was thinking about buying a '27 T body and frame from Speedway since they now own total performance. If anyone reads this and has a better idea or suggestion please feel free to post or contact me. Thank you all for your time and a great source of t bucket information!
Speedway is good, but also check out Spirit And California Custom Roadster, also excellent products. There are some others, Ma&Pa T knows of a good one also, maybe he will chime in.
Welcome to the forum. There are some great manufacturers of bodies out there. If you let us know where you are located we would be able to give you some companies to check out.;)

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