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Him-acane comming.


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We're gonna hunker down and ride this storm out. Windows are boarded up. Loose stuff is picked up. Neighbors have been helped. I'll let you guys know how we fare.
Yup, same here. I have not boarded up yet, but I have it on stand-by. It's still a little too early to tell where land strike will be, but I like to be ready for anything.
You guys be careful down there,You know how ugly these get.
Y'all stay safe and have a great "Him-acane Party" :D
Well, my thoughts and prayers have been with you Humidi-T and all the good folks along the Gulf Coast as we prepare here on the SC coast for Hanna. Right now she doesn't know what to do. Things are starting to hop in Beaufort County. Will know more tomorrow morning.:eek:

Did y'all come through ok?
Well, here in Houston, we have not gotten any rain and just a nice breeze. We escaped another one. Heck, this one actually cooled the temps down for a couple days. I got some nice driving in over the weekend.

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