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Homade Pressure Bleeder

Baby Huey

New Member
I thought I would post this here, it's supposed to work oretty good, I have no clue, I don't have one, but maybe someone here has or wants to build one......:cool: "BH"

That's pretty neat! It's great what people come up with.
you can also take an old master cylinder lid. weld an air chuck on it, and a shutoff valve and use that.. just turn the pressure could even put an adjustment for pressure and also a gauge if you wanted to go that far... i have a small mighty vac that i always start with, then i finish the old manual way...
I have been bleeding my own brakes for years with a piece of flat steel with an air fitting in it and a rubber gasget under it clamped to the master cylinder. I set the air pressure at 15 to 20 psi, and be carefull not to drain the master cylinder. I have run into a car or two that would not start to bleed until I stepped on the bake pedal once, don't know why.
not many buckets use a screw-on m/c lid. I got an old m/c lid with the U shaped hold-down clamp. I drilled a hole and threaded in a male quick disconnect fitting then epoxy'd it in top and bottom. Then hose clamp it onto the m/c. You only need 5-10 lbs. pressure. Just enough to push the fluid thru the line. But I get little streams coming out each end of the cap. Each cap has some open spaces front and rear, I don't know why, that I try and cover with tape. I just put a drain pan under it and let it shoot out. It makes a friggin mess but it works.

It is much easier just to get my son out there and do it the old fashion 2 person way, and not messy.

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