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hot rod book


I got a heaver jacket out of the closet the other day and what was in the pocket but a Barnes and Nobel gift card for 25 bucks. From Christmas 07 !! Anyways. I went to BN and looked at the auto section i found a reference book that may be a good one to have in your library. Its How to build a cheap hotrod. I dont want the sponser here to think i am promoting a competition book.It seems to be quite a different book than the sponser here is selling. After i purchased it i found many speed way references to installing their parts. Its mainly a reference to building the speedway track t. but it addresses brakes, mounts of all kinds,wiring,interior,steering and so on .This may be the best 25.00 you have ever spent.This is the book on amazon if you are interested.
Speedway carries the same book (25.99)I'm sure someone will remember the fellow that wrote it came on here and introduced himself sometime back,I don't remember him ever posting on here again.

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