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How do I upload larger pictures?

Old Rotor Flap

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Supporting Member
When I've uploaded pictures, I first have to reduce the size to something rather small by using Picasa.

When I right click on other's pictures to check properties, I see they are commonly much larger than mine.

What am I doing wrong? A better question is; How do upload larger pictures? A different image sizing program???
There are times when image 'size' refers to image file size in kilobytes.

A .gif or .bmp image will eat up huge chunks of disk space, compared to a .jpg image. By the same token, a .jpg saved at 100% quality will look huge compared to a .jpg saved at 80%.

I have to run some limits on images, else the images will end up requiring even more server space than we already have. And we're at a point where it just doesn't come cheaply.

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