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How'd everyone come up with their screen name?


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Just curious....since I am a HUGE Mopar fan, and have built/owned/shown '68-'69 roadrunners for years before I got into T-buckets, I picked "T-runner."
I like Old Rock music and T-buckets,,RocknT
I built and own a '34 3-Window Coupe.......hence "Coupefreak"

I'm a Paramedic by trade, on a couple other boards, I go by "Emsjunkie"

Ron Pope Motorsports RPM is the initials of my fab shop. We started out building Jr Dragster chassis. When the kids out grew the Jr Dragsters, we just switched over to building hot rod parts.:lol:
My name is TODD. People have called me "T-Odd" since I was a kid. They called my little brother Brad "B-Rad." They called my older brother Alan "Bub" LOL.
Since my '37 Chevy was a two sedan made into a convertible it was tagged as EX SEDAN. My T is made up from cast off and junk parts and is tagged EX JUNK. They make a good pair sitting next to each other in the garage.
I love these little cars to the point of sickness...... FEVER!:lol:
I spent 22 years, 3 months and 6 days, but who's counting, in the Air Force. Eight of those years were in Europe (Germany and England) where I had more fun than a person should be allowed to have and I also play a lot of poker. Der Spieler = The Player
My last name is Young. Years ago some one called one of my builds a "Youngster". Dumb, but it works.

AC is the intials for my rank at work (Asst. Fire Chief) and what the firefighters call me at work and the JC is for James Colwell and JC is what is my friends call me.

So... since I consider y'all my friends!


I considered "Brokefromplayingwiththesedarnedthingsallmylife/wishIhadtakenupgolfinstead" but it was too long. :lol::lol::faint::lol:

I have no imagination. My name is Lee and I live in (a suburb of) Kansas City. Duh! :lol: My vanity plate is XNTRCI-T, pronounced "eccentricity." I joined the NTBA board before I thought of that plate, otherwise that would probably be my handle at NTBA and here. It actually is my handle on
I guess I just like to putz around with projects like these. Alot of friends call me putz.
Slight threadjack - but Putz, you know any Yiddish? If ya did ya wouldn't want to be called Putz LOL.
I just sold a septic pumping business 3weeks ago.Was pumping for 18 years I have been called worse driving a septic truck.
My name IS Butch and I used to drive a race car around Michigan. Always number 27. That was easy. Next question?
Well... not an exciting story or really interesting like "The Player", but it goes like this... I'm a Architectural Lighting Designer and my name is Al... Lumen is a term used to measure the light output of lamps so there it is... LumenAl...

Here are a couple of photos of a project that I did just to give ya an idea... (has been published in some trade publications and won an award)... and yes... I a better lighting designer than a hot rod builder! :lol:





I know... I should hire a professional photographer... but good ones command a lot of money!
Such a HUMBLE Person:poop:Youre build is ONE BAD ASS CAR.Oh and you're lighting is ok to.:lol:

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