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Howdy from WY


Just wanted to say, "Howdy" from the southwest corner of nowhere (WY).
Welcome to the board, Phil! If you're into buckets, you're in the right place!:D Do you have one or are you planning on one?
Welcome to the forum. One of the requirements for new members who live in that part of the Country is to send me one rustfree old car body. I'm a nice guy and even pay half of the shipping. :D:lol:

Seriously, I can't imagine what it must be like to live out there, I would go nuts with what I see you guys have laying around . It seems every time I see some cool old body it is somewhere in Wyoming or Montana, etc.

Why don't you just go ahead and rub salt in the wound and post some pictures of some of the stuff laying around in your neighborhood. :lol::lol:

Glad to see you join. :)

:welxome:Welcome Phil. Pics are always good. :whistle:
Welcome Phil, Sounds like you may be in Evanston, WY. I lived there back in the Boom, I think it was 80 -82. Just south of Evanston going out towards, Blast I don't remember the name of the place, but anyhow you drive right thru a ranchers place, house on one side of the road, barn and coral on the other. On the hill behind his house must be 75 to 100 cars.
Thanks for the welcome

I don't know about sending rust free bodies out. I do know were a Model A is 'rusting in peace'.

Yes, I'm about 35 miles east of Evanston.

I'll get pictures once the snow melts...yes, it was still snowing here even yesterday. You have to love the change of seasons to live here (Light snow, heavy snow, light snow and then 15 days of summer).
Re: Thanks for the welcome

Welcome to the site Phil55....You will find alot more of the guys from the ntba here besides RPM. Feel fre to post anytime you get the urge. There's a bunch of great guys here, your gonna love it.

One of the doors for my '27 came from WY. If you just happen to find any more '27 stuff..........

Welcome from the Top-O-Texas:cool:


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