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How's this for a new look?


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If you're not already seeing the new look, scroll to the bottom of the page. In the dropdown menu where it says IP.Board, click on IBSkin Red Pro.

Thank Goodness, we're back to red again. :thumb:

The option to use the blue is still there for those who want to use it.
Mo betta, brudda. Feels more like the old board. I appreciate all the work you're doing on this project, Mike.
Sweet :thumb:
Much better. Without the red it was kind if like loosing an old friend.
WOW, I love the new look.
Looks fine to me. Downloaded Firefox, which fixes the trouble I was having with Wikipedia. I'll try it out for this site too. As long as it keeps me from doing this... :hyper: ... its all good.
Red is more gooder. Thanks Mike. :hyper:

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