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Humble Beginings


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Well, money and time concerns have kept me from much progress on putting a T together. I'm presently a parts collector. My brother and I paid our uncle a visit out at the farm today and I scored some goodies from his collection. I brought home a corvair stearing box (with all the linkage still hanging off it. LOL), a model A rear spring, and an early (continuous curve axle) Ford front end, hub to hub. I'm not sure if I'll make use of the front end, but parts are parts. I know he's got some more stuff stashed out in his barn, and he likes to trade, so I'll be going back. If this collection turns into a build, I'll post pics and updates.
You never have TOO many parts.If you dont use them there good trade material.
post a pic of the front axle ... i can tell you what you have ...

This is how all our builds start, from a part here, another part there, etc. Sometimes the parts we find dictate a new direction for the build altogether.

Yep, post up that picture of the axle, we can probably ID it.

I'm thinking it's '28-'32 by the chart I got and what my uncle said. I haven't brought it home yet, it's still at the farm, but I'll work on getting some pics for you all. It did some time under a lil cement mixer so it's in bad need of some cleaning, but it can be saved. Whoever did it welded the linkage instead of screwing up the spindles and the radius rods still there. I'll probably get back out there next week, so I'll try and take some pics.
Is this the chart you are talking about?


Yep, that's the one. I didn't have it in front of me when I was lookin at the axle, but if memory serves me, it looked alot like the one on the top. '28-'31. I misquoted it in my last post.

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