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I don't know if I new or not!!!!


Hey gang! My name is Kim and I'm in Little Rock Arkansas. I've been on here for some time but can't remember if I introduced myself or not. I'm looking for a Spirit T done or almost done. Also I would like to see one that someone has gotten recently from them if there are any close by. I know they have made some changes. Really enjoy this sight.
I know the way the roads wind around you can't go anywhere in Arkansas in a straight line but I would suggest a trip up to Mountain Home to visit with B.C. and the gang. You won't find a better example of a Spirit T than you can find there and I think it would be worth the trip.
Hi Kim, I'd welcome you to the forum but you joined before I did LOL.

I live in Mountain View and I'm about 120 miles North of Little Rock. Spirit/Mountain Home is 42 miles North of me. Drive on up. It's a really a great ride. Spirit is out on State Hwy 5 on the way to Bull Shoals. Bring your fishing gear. You might not go back to the city! If you decide to go let me know.


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