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I got a new project!!!


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I found this '27 Tudor on E-Bay and I dragged it home yesterday. It's missing the door's and cowl but I'll be able to locate the missing parts hopefully at a reasonable price.

I've been wanting to build a full fendered Sedan and I'm thinking this is the one. I don't care for the flat '27 fenders, I prefer the smooth curved '28 fenders and '30-'32 grill shell.

In the rear at the belt line I plan to open it up as a rear window lift hatch.

I had another idea of a two seat three door pannel van version with this body.

I could go anywhere with it from this point. I do not have a chassis fabbed up for it yet. My '27 Roadster build started with the chassis and by the time i got to fitting a body, everything became a nightmare.

This time I'll start with the body and build to suit.
SCORE!! I like what you have planned! Nice!
Looks like a great find. I have all steal doors if you need any measurement. Not sure if they would be the same from a 26. I'll be watching for updates.:eek:

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