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i have 1932 Ford T , original title from WI

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If you guys need a title , hit me up with your offers , Thanks
1923 or 1932?

In '32 it probably was not a T. If it is a 23, I would be interested.

Yup, I might be interested if it was for a 23 T.
Three thoughts come to mind.
1. Is it legal to sell a title for use on another car?
2. A guys first post on the forum and he's trying to sell a title?
3. Shouldn't this be in the classifieds?
RPM said:
That and did you catch his screen name?

It was the first thing I noticed, I don't know if what he's proposing is legal or not but I really don't think this forum wants to be associated with or known for buying and selling titles.
Could be the man setting you up for a fall......Oppps did I say that.:eek: Really though it can be a set up since they are buckling down on these types of deals. It's called a sting.
Don'tcha just LOVE it when a n00b pops in and their FIRST POST is something to sell.

Banninate him immediately, I say.

There are rules you just don't break and guess what?


I smell some stink on this.
All I know is that post had a bad smell to it. I know people buy titles all the time - but it is illegal to try and use it on another car, plain and simple.
This is a perfect example of the depths to which people will stoop, in an effort to scam money from others.

igotfordtitle, go troll elsewhere, you've been outed here.


Not open for further replies.

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