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I just registered, why can't I post?


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Many new members register for the forums, only to realize they are not allowed to submit posts. Here's the most likely explanation for the problem.

When you registered for membership on these forums, you were required to submit a valid e-mail address. At the completion of the registration process, you were informed that an e-mail was being sent to the e-mail address you registered and this e-mail would contain a link that you would have to click on, in order to complete the registration process.

The reason for this is to prevent people from registering with invalid e-mail addresses. We require that our members provide (and maintain) a valid e-mail address, so we will be able to contact them if the need arises.

With today's Internet security threats, more and more people are tightening up the restrictions on their firewalls. And some of these restrictions will block e-mails from unknown domains. Which means our confirmation e-mail gets shunted into a Junk or Spam folder, or is simply deleted from your e-mail server. And if you don't click on the link in that confirmation e-mail, your account is never fully registered.

Your account exists in the database, but it is held in a usergroup that has no more permissions than an unregistered guest. You cannot post messages, participate in polls, use the Private Messaging system, etc.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of would-be spammers that try to register for the forum and never get past the e-mail verification, so we make a regular practice of deleting the users in that particular usergroup. And that could result in your account being deleted, before you ever managed to get it fully activated.

If you find you cannot post with your newly-registered account, you are likely seeing a notice at the top of the page saying -

Your account has not been confirmed and is not yet active! To become a registered user on this forum (required for posting or accessing special features) you will need to verify your email address by clicking a special link sent to you in our original welcome email. If you have lost this email, or it never arrived, please go to The T-Bucket Forums - Email Activation Codes to request another activation email be sent to you. If you suspect your email address is set wrong, go to The T-Bucket Forums - Contact Us and fill the form out so the Administrator can fix your account. Also please be sure to disable any spam filters you may have for our website, so that this and all future messages can reach you.
Your first step is to check any Spam or Junk e-mail folders to see if an e-mail is there from the domain. If so, just open the e-mail and follow the instructions.

If you cannot find this confirmation e-mail, then you need to whitelist the following e-mail address - webmaster at (using @ in place of at and not using any spaces). And no, I'm not sure what e-mail client you are using, so I cannot provide you specific instructions on how to whitelist us. Once you have that address whitelisted, then click on the link above, to have another activation e-mail sent to you.

If all that fails, use the Contact Us link to send me an e-mail from the same e-mail address attached to your account and I will manually activate your account for you. You will still need to whitelist the above e-mail address. When I start getting e-mails bouncing from a member's address, I restrict that account until the issue is resolved.

We require all members maintain a valid and active e-mail account.

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