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I like Ron's Frame plans...


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but I prefer it to be wider. Currently the plans are for a frame that will be only 23 inches wide outside dimentions.

I have built two of these frames using Ron's plans except instead of cutting the front tube and rear crossmember at 22 7/8", I have cut mine at 26 7/8" giving me a frame width of 27" ouside dimentions.

Most of the T-Bucket bodies out there have 26 1/2" - 27+" firwall widths and the wider frame allows for more room inside the rails for things like trans coolers, battery boxes and even small fuel tanks below the seats leaving the rear box for mostly trunk storage.
If you're refering to the plans I posted, they where ment to be a starting point for thise who want to build thier own chassis. I encourage anyone using them to make any changes nessary to meet thier particular build.


And that is exactly what is written in the introductory pages of the plans. It is written in many places throughout the plan's pages to "build YOUR chassis" as you need.

I have seen many chassis plan sets over the years and Ron's plans in my opinion are the best!

I received a set of _______ plans many years ago (I'm not throwing out names) that was tailored to their specifications for their particular parts and did not leave room to changes without needing to alter the entire chassis setup.

The bad thing is, you end up with their car... not your's... you may as well go buy a production vehicle.

Ron's Chassis plans are guides with tons of great info for building a T chassis and leaves room for your imagination to build what you want to fit your needs,
I'm using Ron's plans because; A: I found them through this site, B: they were free, C: I could make sense of them, D: people like them and E: the man is here to answer any questions.
Only had one question so far and figured that one out without bugging anyone.

I've Zeed the front to make up for the height-loss since I can't do a suicide front end and have made a front cross member but that will need some re-work to get the drop I want.
There will most certainly be other changes I'll need to make as the project progresses.

I do plan on posting some pix but the ones I have are so poor quality that you can't make out any detail.

Long story shortened.. thanks Youngster!

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