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Ford Motor Mount Location

That is how you get your driveshaft angle. Trans down 3* and rear pinion up 3*. If you put a level on the intake after removing the carb, you will see that to get it level you will have to tilt the engine down to the rear.
If you mount the engine high on the frame for road clearance, you will also get more clearance for the TRADITIONAL steering box mount under the headers but lose clearance in the floor of the Bucket. Vega box mounted with cross steer is another way but has a longer shaft to the box ..View attachment 17998 View attachment 17997View attachment 17999View attachment 18000
View attachment 18001 View attachment 18002
thanks for the info! definitely taking note of everything here.
but if the ccr mounts are to be angled doesn't that contradict the diagram you posted? in the end if i'm using ccr plans i'll follow them to the.. uh, t. but as much as i like to think i know i do appreciate input from people who obviously know more not to mention all constructive opinions.
Oh man, I hate the domino effect ! It seems like Mr Domino and Murphy's law seem to play tag-team when I get started on most of my projects. The latest domino effect visited me on my header design project !!!

Good Luck !!!

You can't leave out the twin brother by another mother, Unintended/Unforeseeable Consequences . . . . that wanker has screwed up some of my best ideas.
OMG, I forgot them ! .... thanks! :)


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