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i love / hate digital cameras

love them because technology is cool, and i cant afford as much film as it would take me to get decent pics w/ a 35mm camera

hate them bacause i always find a stupid way to break them

case in point: dropped my current camera FOUR INCHES onto pavement and everything about the lense / lense related electronics went to heck.

tried whacking it a few times to shift everything back into place, no dice (hey, its not like i could break it any worse, right?)

pull it apart, some stupid clip breaks, sends the flash / viewfinder flying, which breaks the view finder image screen and rips an important ribbon wire (oh look, its now broken worse, lol)

drop the camera in frustration cause now it REALLY wont work ..... again about 4 inches, just onto a table this time... and all the optics click back into place

the lesson i learned: if hitting it doesnt work, hit it again

so i just bid on another broken camera on ebay, another one of the same, and out of the 2 ill have a working camera again. if that fails i know i can part out this camera on ebay
That brings to mind something I used to hear my grandfather say.
"Don't force it, use a bigger hammer".

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