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i love this pic, and not because of the car :)

the car doesnt interest me, instead look beyond it at the row of racing seats,
youll notice they are sitting on custom made brushed aluminium pedestals.

the bosses son and i built 12 seat stands and 3 1/2 harness stands in less
then 4 days, shipping them out just in time to be set up for the show.

The forming / fabrication process turned into a nighmare, due to an
employyee at the cut shop blatantly changing the project specs without
asking. By the time we were done we had 19 good pieces of material and 30
pieces of scrap, and the last piece that should have been at the show didnt
arrive to us for fabrication till the show was already started.

For all our work the display was picked as one of the top 10 custom built
displays at sema, with a different display actualy taking 1st place.

I'll take a top 10 nomination any day. There were a number of things on the
project i wish we had had the time to do better, but im just being overly
critical of my work im sure. One of those things where i can see a problem
only because i was part of the build. Oh well ..


harness stands in the back:

partial of the harness stands:

Two words. Vette hunter.

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