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Ideas and photos on how to attach bed cover to bed top..??


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just purchased this old bucket, built in late 1960's and trying to get ideas on how to better attach the bed cover to top of bed?? it now just has 2 studs with wingnuts holding it on on either side...Please help.. thanks ..
In my case, I also just have two studs with Nyloc nuts holding it down firmly. If you need more accessibility, you might consider a couple of hood pins, like Cooter uses on his bucket.

cooters T bucket build
WOW!! thanks very much ...a lot of great ideas here..looks like I have found the way I will be doing mine.
again many thanks.
peace be with you.
I plan to hinge my lid at it's front . Haven't decided on the rear portion yet. An early m.g.b trunk lock would be nice.
Hinged at rear with two linear actuators to open it:
Google Photos

I've forgotten how to load pics, but that link will show it.
That link does not work for me........does it work for others?
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That Works fine I can see................

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