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Ignition wires


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Has anyone used solid core wires with a Procomp distributor or any electronic one? If so did you have any problems with them? DPI.
I know on my unilite running solid core wires is a no no, says so right in the destructions. I dont know exactly the reason why other than the electronics might be prone to damage from static..
I know that when I run spiral core wires on an HEI type ignition, I have had to change to the copper composite coil button(MSD and ACCEL have them I think).

Apparently, the stock carbon button becomes the point of maximum resistance and builds up a lot of heat. I burned 2 dist caps up before I figured this out.

Can't say anything about soilds, but I do know they're not recommended. Seems like I remember something about extreme radio interference. Enough to cause anything with sensitive electronics to go crazy.

The spiral cores are OK though. I like the ACCEL 300+ wires. The MOROSO Blue Max wires are good, too, if you don't mind the blue color.
Solid wire. In the old days the hot setup was to use packard 440 spark plug wires... drive down the street and everybody's tv set would get lines in the screen. I still have about 500 ft coil of old braid covered spark plug wire for doing the horseless carriage wiring.

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