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I'm born again

der Spieler

I'm new to the forum but not new to T-buckets. I built one in the late 90s and drove it for about five years. I got an offer of a 1959 Austin Healey with a 289 w/toploader a couple of years ago. I lived in England for several years in the 80s and had a Healey while there and had always wanted another so I made the trade, I drove it for about a year and a half then sold it to a guy in San Antonio. At the same time as all this was going on I was working to fit a Chevy V6 into a 70 MGB. I sold it too. It lives in Michigan now. So I'm pretty much out of toys.

I built a chassis for a teardrop trailer a few years and that's sitting in the garage waiting for my attention but if I were to go to work on it I still wouldn't have a toy I could drive. I'm leaning towards building another streetrod but I would also like to built a chopper/bobber. I'll probably build both but the roadster will be first.

I may know some of you on the forum. I went to Back to the 50s with the T in 2000 and parked with the guys in the "Bucket Brigade" and I was a regular at Goodguys in Des Moines for several years.

Looking forward to swapping lies and ideas. I have plenty of both and I'm sure most of you do to..................Steve
Welcome to the forum. We don't tell lies, but sometimes we mess up when reporting the facts.:)
That was a picture of John Force with my car at the World of Wheels in Des Moines in 2000. I'll post another of me with the car taken that same year.
Welcome Steve :)
:welcome: good people here ,,
Welcome from Amarillo, TX:D

Welcome to the boards! Looks like a very nice car you had. Can't wait to see what you build now. Are you going to go with that same style with the wide tires, etc or more like a 50's or 60's era look, etc?
I trust making the e-mail change eliminated the registration problems you were having?
Welcome to the site Steve. Always room for one more. Good to see anothere Yankee in the group. LOL

When I started building the first one the idea was to keep it simple. I had red 10" steel rims in the back and 6" red ones in the front. I had a pair of 255/60 Hoosier street tires for the back. It was going to be flat black and look like a perpetual work in progress. Then things got out of control. The car started demanding more and more. She became a monster, slowly emptying my wallet.

The next one will be what i wanted in the first place. A 50s/60s style rat rod. Safe but dangerous. Well that's the plan.
Webmaster said:
I trust making the e-mail change eliminated the registration problems you were having?

Yes sir they did. Sorry about the hassle I gave you. I've been having a ball reading posts and asking questions, I was up until three this morning doing it and it will probably be a late night again tonight. Thanx again.......Steve
that's one each purty bitchin T! Build another
Mike in ep
Welcome Steve from Michigan. Looking forward to your input.

thomas said:
Welcome Steve from Michigan. Looking forward to your input.


Thanks Thomas. I went to see the guy that bought my old T the other day to get some measurements off of it and he had sold it to someone somewhere up in Michigan. You may run across it up there at some of the events.....Steve
Welcome to the forum Steve. I had a Bugeye Sprite years ago that I swapped a 289 into.........always wanted a big Healey, they make a better swap car.

Keep us posted on how your project is coming.......and we love lots of pictures. :lol::)


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