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I'm heading up your way, from down under!


I'm doing another U.S. trip in October, and was going to come by your shop one day to say Hi, and have a look around. Any bad time to show up , or are you normally there all day/ most days? Golly
Come on, welcome to the USA. I do not know what shop you are referring too, but anyone that puts a T on their list while on holiday is alright.
Golly, it will be great to meet you.
We are here Tuesday thru Saturday, just call when you are going to be in the area and I will make sure to be around. I will be gone Oct 18th thru Oct 20th (Fri-Sun) for the Lake Havasu car show. The Showroom will be open that Friday but I'm not sure they will be in on Saturday.
Sounds good. I'll make note of those dates & times and see what happens. Last time I was in CCR was 1984 I think I bought a t shirt and some stuff . Look forward to meeting you . cheers Golly

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