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I'm looking for wheels and tires, help!!!

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Hey guys, it's been ahwile since I've been on the site, been working hard on the bucket, it's in fabrication now for radiator housing, light and shock mounts and frame wraps, and the 471 blower is on the way. My question is, where can I get the huge wheels and tires some of these guys have? Like the 29x18's on the back and the skinny's on the front. Right now I have 275/60's on the back and 205/60's on the front. I've seen them in the mags but how do I know what back spacing I need and etc. I would like to be able to buy some that I can see first. Any info will help...
I bought my Centerline Autodrag wheels and M/T Sportsman tires from Summit Racing. The wheels were 15 x 3-1/2 front and 15 x 14(?) rear. I don't remember the tire sizes but the fronts were skinny, maybe 26 x 7.50-15s and the rears were the second widest they made at the time.
i got mine at hoosier tires .com discontinued section they are 31x 16.5x 16 115.00 ea free shipping
I have the Mickey Thompson Sportsman with Weld 15X4 on the front with 1.5" Backspacing. The rears are Weld 15X12 with 3.5" Backspacing. I ordered them at my local tire store because I got a good deal, but Summit or Jeg's also has them. Hope that helps.
This might help ya out to determine what size back-set you might need... this is what I drew up when I was trying to figure out what I need... It's important to note you need tire width not just tread-width...

Al's drawing is very good. All you have to do is substitute your measurements for drum face to drum face and your body width. From there you can figure your wheel back space and tire width.

This site may help in your selection of a tire size.

Tire Size Calculator - tire & wheel plus sizing
I have 125R-15 Firestones (Coker) on 15x3.5 Center Lines on the front and 31x18.50x15 Hoosiers (Summit) on 15x15 Center Lines (4.875 backspacing) on the back.


Al has the best cad drawings. I wonder Al what is your job. R U in the Machine shop biz????
rooster57 said:
Al has the best cad drawings. I wonder Al what is your job. R U in the Machine shop biz????

He designs lighting systems for customers.
CWORLD03, what size are those rear rims 16x10? I was looking at those hoosiers, but having a hard time finding wide 16" wheels with the 4 3/4 bolt pattern.
I have Hoosier Pro Street radials all 4 corners on Centerline Warriors. The rears are 15x16,5x4.5/4.75 with 6.25in backspacing with 31x18.50x15 tires..The front wheels are 15x5.5, 5x4.5/4.75 with 3.375 backspace with 26x7.50 tires. Got all of it from Summit.

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