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In living color, my Son's RPU


This car might be a little off topic for a T bucket forum, but I thought no one would mind if I post a couple of pictures of my Son's 30 roadster pickup in it's current state. He has been building it for the past 4 years (long story, don't ask..........:lol:) and last Friday we finally got the frame and lots of the suspension stuff out of the powder coaters. It came out nicer than we hoped for, and I am really proud of the work he is doing on this hot rod.

We spent the last few nights bolting on the shiny stuff, and still have a lot to do before we get it up on wheels, but we are smelling the finish line finally. So here is how it sits right now. Thanks.





Thank you. I'm really liking the way it's coming together. Best part is, IT'S COMING TOGETHER ! :lol::lol: About time to get this on on the road.

WOW! Just.....WOW!
Don nothing you guys do is off topic. You and your son have a very keen eye and some awesome building skills. This car isnt a t but it adds to the thought process for materials and techniques. Thanks for posting!!!
Nice Job. And thanks for posting the pictures. I come to these sites more to admire everyones work, than anything else.
wow Don really looks good I really like your rear set up really nice. please keep us posted on the project:D:D:D
I'm glad you posted over here too! Looking very very good.

How's the finger? Hope it ain't bothering you too bad.:):cry::eek:

Is that chrome or powder coat on the links and radius rods?

Thanks guys. Finger is much better, thanks for asking. No pain surprisingly, but the fingernail is going to be history. I never expected that jackstand to drop the way it did. :eek:

The bars and the rest of the stuff that looks shiny is all chrome. Only the black is powdercoat. We still have to put some more chrome on it like shocks and having the nerf bars done, but he wanted an old timey look to it so we kept the chrome to a minimum.



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