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independant diff


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I used to have an article from the early 70's showing Dick Dean using a Datsun rear End in a bucket. now of course i need it and can;'t find it. Has anyone heard of using this approach to a diff before with a V6 ?? or shold I just go to a Maverick ??
I am useing a 4.3 v6 chevie with the s10 rearend aprox 48 inches between the backing plates. It all dependes on how wide your rear tires are going to be the wider your rear end the more back set you willuse. I am going to use the same tire all around because this is going to get a lot of miles. hope this helps...Francis
Thanks Francis,

the Datsun is 51" wide so the width is not an issue. I really want to run independant in the rear if possible. I understand some of the Subaru's come with an independant beefy diff. as well. I will as well be running a 4.3 chev from an S10 with a 5 speed behind it
Seems like we got into this discussion on another forum a while back. I thought I had a link saved to some info, but I can't find it ...:sad:
Seems the guy was using a jap independant rear in a "rat-rod" of some kind, with a Chev V-8. He didn't have any trouble with it as far a breakage, that I can recall.
I'll keep looking for the info I had, but it sounded like it was pretty straight foreward as far as a swap...."BH"
I have a pretty extensive magazine collection. If you could narrow the search down a bit, like mag name or even what was on the cover, I'll see if I can find it for you.

As a sidebar, I heard Dick passed away recently. Here again we lost another great one.

I think it was in Street Rodder or maybe Hot Rod. It was called DatRod and somewhere between '75 and '78. Although, I will not swear to any of this or admit why I know this much.
I think you're refering to the '32 coupe body Dick mounted on a Datson pickup chassis. That was the one that had the plastic insert in the roof with the "Rising Sun" on it. The one Snowtires is talking about was a T bucket kit proto-type.

i believe it was either rod action or street rodder. i have it too, but don't know where. the only issue with it was the hp factor, remember these were behind a 6 cylinder and there is a significant cage you have to deal with. it can be overcome though. under a full fendered car it wouldn't be bad, but a T bucket? you decide.
there is a guy on da NTBA forum that has extensive knowledge on using japanese cars and trucks for parts, particularly rearends. His name is PA (Paul Abernathy in northern Arkansas). He has built many projects with jap vehicles as parts.

Thanks everyone for their input. I belive it was a Rod Action magazine with a Green Chevy roadster on the cover, but I am not sure
Thanks a ton, I really like the idea of the idependant diff idea, the front end looks a LITTLE WEIRD but you never know

Again thank you
When I talked to Mike Mason, he said the Jag rears were gettin a bit pricey, so he has been using Datsun Z(260/280) car independent rear diffs.
Has anyone thought about the 8.8 rears out of a jeep or an explorier some of them are indepenant also the cougar xr-7 i think racer
I keep coming back to that Team321 IRS. If you were to do it your self I'm thinking $250 in materials, your choice of exisiting IRS setups and aset of coilovers and you'd be in business. It dose cost to have bragging rights!


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