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info on body


I think i found a body big enough for me 6'2" at 325lbs,anyone ever used one like this 8" stretch Fiberglass Car Auto Parts Fiberglass Car Hoods Racing Racecar Race Fiberglass Commercial Fiberglass
Looks reasonable. They may need to re-think the areo nose. It looked like a camaro piece to me.
I can't find that aero nose you guys are talking about, where is it?

As for the T body, great price and the stretch actually doesn't look disproportionate at all. I like it.

Hey Akitagandy thats a great looking body and only 1" shorter than ours.
And it looks pretty damn sharp tapering down to the firewall.
I wish my son hadden't seen the aero nose, now he's GOT to have one.
Now that's a great looking extended body at what I consider a reasonable price.

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