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Install Mustang steering box


I am planning on mounting a mustang steering box to my T and I would like some drawings of the mounting plates. Can someone help me!
I know someone who tried this and abanded the idea because of clearence problems.
I met someone that did this and he was successful with the install. I have tried to contact him but he doesnt answer my emails.
So what did you install in your T bucket for steering box.
I have used a VW bus, a Dodge van, a '46 Frod and a Corvair in that order. I quit looking for something better since my first 'vair box. They are prefect for a T.
I have a 69 mustang box on my 27 roadster pu and i think i used pete and jake and some stuff from speedway motors as far as the brakets and i used a steering column from a fiero through the firewall and it gained me some room and no shaking my car originally came with the steering straight up and down it was to difficult to drive it felt like i was driving a tank again this way is better i will try to put some picture of the steering up later but here is the rpu
Vistin, I've got a 69 box with a mounting templete if your interested.
Thanks "T"
How much and why didn't you use it. By the way, my wife just called and told me the store she works at is closing so if you don't want much I'll see if it can be in our budget.
Again thanks

Track-T said:
Vistin, I've got a 69 box with a mounting templete if your interested.
I went with cowl steering in my '27,So I didn't use it.
$80.00 plus shipping,Unless you want to pick it up and get warm,LOL,I'm
in Orlando.

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