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instead of building...


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Instead of working on the car I've been building a book case for
a friend,A very large bookcase.this is just the base cabinet,
3' high by 7' wide.on top of that will be the shelf unit.6' high by 7'wide...
total 7' wide by 9' high.
going to be built into his wall.
I feel ya man I have been working on my kitchen for months now instead of working on my car.I am almost Done!:welcome::lol:
Man, that's nice work. Quite a talent there. I took wood shop in highschool and the birds are still upset with the bird house I made.:eek:
I hate doin Carpentry of anykind...I don't know why ,I have every type of tool I need to do the jobs, but everytime I work on wood it ......Well, it looks like crap.
Wasn't that (whats his name???) the comedian of "Fat Albert" fame that said he took woodshop in school and everything he made turned out to be an Ash Tray !! LOL
I told the wife, if I could afford it I'd build a house out of Stainless Steel, welded together, the roof would never leak and ya wouldn't have to worry bout dry rot in the bathroom !

I need to build a BIG display cabinet for some of my Plastic Models, but I keep putting it off.....

Thats a good looking book shelf, you indeed have a knack for woodwork... "BH"
I know what you mean BH. I needed shelving for my magazine collection. After I priced the wood, I desided to build them out of a pile of 14g tubing instead. Those suckers ain't never gonna sag!

Cost of wood really sucks for sure, using 3/4" sandply(oak veneer) and
poplar i"ve got 600 in it so far.glad he's got a $1800 budget..
seal coat and finish to go...
Nice work Bro.
my father was a master carpenter, could build any thing outta wood.
me....I couldn't drive a nail straight to save my ass.


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