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Yea, a very nasty word, but ya gotta have it. I have gotten good quotes from a few, but I had heard you could get it for a project you are building. In progress! While my job (where I'm building my T) has a great security system, since I have dropped the powerplant in and added a little chrome, I have noticed a few people driving by and checking it out. A few TOO many. So, I got a lead for a company called Chrome Insurance through the NTBA.

I sent my info to an agent in my area. There website gave me like 7 choices of agents in my area! I sent a pic of my build so far, along with info on what I have done so far and what I estimate the value to be. I figured about $7,000 just to ball park it. The agent called me today and gave me a quote of $126 a year, but the minimum is $150, no big deal, with a $250 deductible. Check them out, they have a couple incentives that make them look pretty good. You can also expand the coverage when the build is finished.

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