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Interior came in


Man what a breeze to install and fit like a glove so far.
HOLY SMOKES!:eek: That looks GREAT! Snoickeys!!!
Looks great rooster! I am really tempted to try one of these out, but just affraid of loosing too much front to back room. Anyway, great job! How does it feel sitting in your bucket now? We are going to have to be carefull...the rooster is almost loose.
HAceT said:
Where did you get it and how much??????Will it work for any T Body or what.

CCR sells them for their bodies, but it would probably fit any T with a few mods. I thought about it, but didn't go with it. Now I'm rethinking it. Looks really good.
it fits CCR bodys with a door. And its their interior kit and it fits like a GLOVE. I had an estimate of 1500.00 for a local guy to do an interior for it. These people build these all the time for their cars and they are top quality it sets like a sports car. If i was any happier i would be twins. It is custom for their car i would say only.1595.00 for the interior 185.00 for the lid and the carpet was included. 300.00 shipping so i think it was 2100.00 about. It was either this or an indian blanket.
Hey Rooster, Can we get a picture of the construction of the insert ( back side)? Thanks Looks great!!!
I will post some this weekend i need to pull it out to move a switch and i will post some. Its formed plywood with epoxy on the edges one piece wraps around from door to drivers side kick panel.
Slick stuff Rooster! Just enough of a wedge in the backrest to keep the warden from sliding over and saying those 3 scary words..........

Let me drive :lol:
The warden has been acting real funny lately. She smiles at me now, a lot. Its hard for me to tell whats gona happen next .
lets just hope you dont hear the "Jaws" theme play!!!! That could be code word for... "now you have built mine, you can now build yours!" :doh:
:D Wow, I can see why you are so happy. That is a great looking interior! You've done a great job and you have a beautiful car!
Thanks this post and these guys have made it possible for me to make good decisions. Listen to these guys and you cant go wrong.
Now is the fun part get in and drive!!!

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