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New today (6/25/2009). Just purchase a 23 TBucket that is partially intact. Hope to restore with my grandsons, ages 13 and 14. This will be my first experience in building a rod I want to work on brake first, I have drums on the rear, no front brakes. I have motorcycle tires on front. I need help in determining the hoses, and disk sizes for the front. I plan on removing the body and start at the frame level.:eek:
Hey Whezer, Hoe 'bout postin' where you are from.

Yeah are you the Weezer I met at the Nats from Tenn. If so you seemed to be really cool.....unlike that other Tenn person I know....Just playing RPM. Your both great people and I enjoyed him hanging out with us at the Red Carpet Inn.
Welcome whezer.
Welcome to the group, whez. You gotta watch out for that RPM guy... he'll take five dollars from ya and give you ten dollars in parts... umm, wait... I guess that's not so bad ;). (Love ya Ron!)
Hey ACE i saw your car in the first pics of lenore that was posted lookin good.
Thanks...It drives good too. Doesn't have the shine and bling like most I've seen but it gets me anywhere I want to go and easy to touch up and repair when needed. I wish you could of been there I'd like to see your car in person.
Looked like a blast i may go to the bash in mountain home havent decided but i may go. As it gets closer i will decide. Their is so many cruises around here EVERY weekend fun aint far away .

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