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Its a little late......


I have posted on this site a few times but never got around to an introduction, so now I will. I retired form one career and am now working on two more so just as before my time for the projects is still limited as is the wallet. I hope to finish my current T by May and get a few test miles on it and make it to the Tbucket Nats in MO this summer. That is yet to be seen. I am down to mostly the body and the final tweeking so I guess it could happen. I have another bucket on wheels that my son and I started but he moved to LA so I will either sell it or finish it and sell. As most of us I need the space in the shop. I have built several of these things so if anyone thinks I can help just give me a yell and we can see what can be figured out. Below is a link to my project journal on another site (found it before I found this one).
:welcome:tbucit, I'm sure you will get a lot of questions regarding our builds. I for one will be asking alot pretty soon.

Welcome Tbucit, Good looking project you got there.
Wow!!! I am definitely on the "outside looking in" so to speak as far as skills....:):lol:Very nice!! Since this is the first one for me I will definitely be asking questions.
I saw this work of art just this past weekend and thought the workmenship and detail was top knotch doing work here in Buford Ga. its like a feild trip to walk through Summit and finily see something that i can relate to and say wow
Good to see you here. There are a lot of guys from hotrodder. com here. That's a great general knowledge forum, cool guys there too, for those of you who haven't been there yet. I've only been here for a couple of months but I know this is going to be the "go to" forum for T buckets. Welcome!

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