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It's been kinda quiet. So.....


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... how's everyone doing? I got my driveshaft installed a couple weeks ago and my headers arrive Wednesday. I had a little mishap at work and had to pay for it out of my hot rod budget:eek:, so all I'm getting is headers. The extensions and mufflers will arrive later. I'll post pics Wednesday night.

It's starting to cool down here. The temps are in the 70's - 80's. I sure wish my T was done so I could enjoy it. In due time. In due time.

I hope you guys are all doing well and look forward to reading what you're up to.
Well Fred i tried to get up in my car to enjoy the last days here of high 80's and low 90's but to no avail i can't get up into my car damn foot still hurts to walk let alone put full weight on it to get in then use it to give gas and brake it so it's going up on jack stands for the year.While it's up there i'll pull the stearing box and go through it to make sure you have no problems.Well it's 3:30 here so it's off to work.
Fred, whilst it does seem quiet here on the forum, I've been busier than the proverbial one-armed paper-hanger.

I'm still sending monthly checks to Total, trying to get everything paid off, but it seems as if there is a conspiracy to consume all my funds in order to slow that process down. Frankly, had I know how bleak my financial situation was going to be at this particular time, I wouldn't have placed the deposit on the kit when I did. Oh well, there's that 20:20 hindsight at work, eh?

I was hoping to get the kit shipped before the weather made the turn for the worse up here. Now I see that won't be happening, so I'm now looking at not getting it in here until we see winter break, come next spring. I've been waiting for well over two decades to build this thing, so 3-4 extra months is really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I did get the news a couple weeks ago about a project of a different kind being in the works. My son and his girlfriend (who I hope is about to become his wife :snooty:) are expecting a baby in late May. It looks as if the kids are going to be needing some help with some of those financial responsibilities, so that may slow up the kit process even more. This will be my only child's first child, so ol' Grandpa is not real concerned about the car having to wait a bit longer. Some things in life are more important than others, aye?
Rick, I'm sorry you weren't able to get another cruise in before the winter. Just concentrate on getting better. That's what counts. Let me know when you have the steering box ready.

Mike, taking care of business is what counts first and foremost. You know this is a hobby and real life comes first. Good things come to those who wait.

Next week Friday will be one year that I have been working on my T. Time sure passes faster when you get older. I sometimes wish I had done the lay away, I'd be getting my kit next week, but I figured things would come up financialy, so I tell myself I made a good choice doing it like I am. I am a little farther along than I had figured, but it's due to a few good deals and favors. My engine start up date is getting pushed back, but it's because I want everything to be right. The engine already runs fine, I just want it to do it in it's new home. Of course this will mean that my plans for having a body on by Christmas will probably not happen. I'm hoping for a good swap meet at our annual AutoRama this Thanksgiving or a holiday sale from Total. I'll also be dropping hints to my girl;). She's great during the holidays.

My headers come tomorrow, so I'll have pics. You guys take care.

I can't wait to replace my avatar with my car. *sigh*
Like i said i want to disassemble it and check tolerences to make sure you can bolt and run.Do you want the chrome Pitman arm also? $65.00 new to to $30.00 only had it for 3 months i bought it from a little old lady who drove her hot rod corvair to church and back.LOL
Hey Rick, I'm not wanting to start a new thread, so are you going to be home saturday? Would like to borrow your tube bender and flange tool. I'm hoping to have my plumbing done this weekend.

Mike, glad to see you still pluggin along with your kit. Your still a young man and have plenty of time. I'm sure there will be a day when You, Fred, Rick and myself will all be running single file down some road in the future.

Fred, was great talking to you on the phone last week. I'm thinking the t-bucket bash next year might be a good goal for us.

Rick said:
Like i said i want to disassemble it and check tolerences to make sure you can bolt and run.Do you want the chrome Pitman arm also? $65.00 new to to $30.00 only had it for 3 months i bought it from a little old lady who drove her hot rod corvair to church and back.LOL

Rick that's a great offer, but I already have one that is powder coated to match my colors. It would look out of place all by itself chromed. Take your time with the steering box. My next set of expenses will be to get her started. I should be ready for it by Thanksgiving, but take your time. However, if you need to get rid of it sooner, let me know. It won't hurt me to get it sooner.
It was great talking to you too, Thomas. The T Bucket bash sounds like a good idea. There are quite a few NTBA members here in Houston and I'm sure I could caravan with them. My plan is to try and be on the road by April, get the bugs worked out and be able to cruise with peace of mind by late May. *knock on wood*
My rides is sleeping......

Leaving for the Tampa NSRA show tomorrow(fri.)hope to have some
good pics on monday.
Will be looking forward to seeing them Track.

Pics, Track! You know we love seein' the pics!

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