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jake's '27 by youngster


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jake brought this '27 roadster body to me to fit on the '32 frame i sold him. i know it's not a T bucket but i thought you guys might like to see what can be done with a rusted, cut up body. jake wants to build a tradational hiboy with a '56

i didn't take pics of the body when it came in but it is made up of 4 different bodies as far as we have been able to tell sometime in the '50's or early '60's. it has NOT been treated kindly!

first was to trim up the body sub fram that had seen costom fitting by way of the ole fireaxe. that done we have about 60% of it left. before i could rebuild the sub frame i needed to replace the flat firewall with a stocker.

here's where i started;


old one removed;


new one welded in;


next was the wheel wells. we decided to give the new ones a little character with some beads rolled in them. the old ones where cut out and the new ones welded in.



next will be the tubing and hat channel subframe,cya bye.Ron
Nice progress Ron. What was he going to run for a motor?
jake has a '56 crysler that's been in his family since for quit some time. he hasn't decided on the trans yet as far as i know.was a real head scratcher till i got all the "modified" stuff removed. seems pretty straight forward from here ... just replace what i took out.

Great work! Like putting together a puzzle. Looking good, man.:sorry:

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