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jim shepard

jim shepard

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any one know why my panhard bar is making a racket ? if i move it with my hand it seems the ends are tight but if i rotate it it makes a click on the ends,this noise is most noticible on de-celerating it started a week after i bought the car ,,this bar is short and their is also a short bar that goe's from the rear up to cross member,should i get one with bushings or heim ends??the noise gets very loud at times.

also i have the red holly elec fuel pump that seems extremly noisy and it has rubber between the mount and the frame,can't put fuel pump on block as it has solid motor mounts ,no room,,im not to sure about the solid mounts either,
just bought this t bucket and am getting the kinks out,thanks fro any suggestions
Is your fuel pump under the fuel tank?Or is it up front by the engine?If its up front you could be starving the pump which it would be real noisy.The Holley RED and BLACK are pusher pumps.Meaning they work best close to and below the tank where gravity will feed the pump and it will push like crazyI have a black and i don't know its there except when i turn the key on to start it then it builds preassure and i never hear it again.Hope this helps.
Hey Jim, if you could post a picture of that pan-hard rod that might help. You can explain something to 5 people and have 5 different versions in peoples heads. :D
Are the brackets for the panbar a sandwich type or just one plate? I would really look at the possiblity of switching to a motor mount with rubber or urethane in it.

they are heims ends and a single braket not sandwiched,i will work on a picture,the fuel pump is right under the tank and its constantly noisy,i thought when they built up pressure they shut off,but I guess they run continuously,the noise is so loud you hear it at 60 70 mph

i was thinking of the y shaped bar in place of the single bar

and I plan on changing from the solid motor mounts as i recall in my younger days you could lift up the left front wheel with solid motor mounts
Take the bar off and check the heims to see if the balls are loose in their housing. The teflon or what ever it uses might have worn out. If this is the case, you might want to think about replacing the heim with a bushed end.

Is your gas tank vented? That fuel pump should not be making that much racket. If the tank isn't vented, it could cause the pump to cavitate.

Pictures would be a huge help here.


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