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Just Found Ya....


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Track-T here from the NTBA,Some of ya already know but some might not.
I live down here in humid town,florida (orlando) and I'm building a track style
'27 roadster in the '50s style,full hood and nose,nerf bars and such.
SBC and turbo 350 trans,8" ford rear end.
Going on my 4th year on the build and if I stop building custom parts for it
I just might finish it.
Glad to see ya, Track T. Thanks for dropping in. I'm on the NTBA as well and have seen a few pics of your T. Very nice work indeed.
Nailbomb said:
what have you done custom?:)
the hairpins in my photo thing are modified speedway parts,built my upper steering arm,headlight mounts,steering wheel,pitman arm(cowl steering),
dash,rear coilover mounts,front turn signals,gas pedal and linkage,brake
pedal(hanging),plus a bunch of little bits to dress up "stock"type parts.
heres a pic of the fuel linkage.
Hey your distributer is in the wrong place!!!!!!
Hey, Track T, ya got any updates on your T build?

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