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Just Got My Basic Kit !!!!!


New Member
just got my basic kit from total performance yesterday
got the cross members on yesterday
going to start other things today cant wait !!!!
it took TP 10 weeks to ship my kit
ill be coming back to ask for help here im sure this looks to be a great site
Congratulations! :toast: Details, we need details. What options are you going with, what body, etc.?

Be sure to keep us updated and post lots of pictures, so we can see how you are coming along. We'll be interested in hearing how you are coming along.

I'm excited to say that I'm leaving, early Friday morning, to drive over and visit with Brian at Total. I want to take a close look at the body/seating combinations they have available. At 6'2" and 240 lbs, I want to get a combination that will be the most comfortable for me.

This is a project that I've been building in my mind for nearly 2 decades. After a nasty divorce and struggling as a single parent, the back child support that I have finally started to receive is going to pay for my dream. I would love nothing better than to be able to afford the kit right now, but I am at least going to get a deposit placed on one.
Mike said:
Congratulations! :toast: Details, we need details. What options are you going with, what body, etc.?

detials ?? well the first thing i foound out is the kit is not perfect. the nut and bolt threads did not match on the first thing i tryed to mount . witch was the master cylinder
and break pedel , then it was on th the coil over mounts but the package they came in only had 6 bolts ( one mount has 6 bolts ) i need 6 more . so ill be calling total monday to see whats up . but still lovin it !!!
a few things on backorder but im sure thats to be expected front axle and steering box
Well, if there's one thing certain, that's the fact that nothing is ever perfect. But it sounds as if you're just hitting some minor speed bumps, not major obstacles and that is the silver lining in the cloud.

A pal and I raced 90 V-6 Chevrolet engines in an NHRA Competition Eliminator dragster. Way back when, fabricated sheet metal intakes were yet to be developed outside a few Pro Stock shops. When we set about building new engines, we would order Holley's V-8 tunnel ram intake and then make a big Z-cut in a brand-new intake, so we could weld it back together for the V-6.

I imagine all those years of thrashing such a unique combination will come in handy when it comes time for me to assemble a T.

I'm hoping to order a kit myself very soon.:toast:

got my frame back friday it looks great !!!
i think i should have done my steering colum done too
but thats spilt milk im still waiting for my front axle
its on back order im sending my rear end housing for
crome next week ( $1000 not cheap) but its the main thing you look at from the back
a soon as my front axle comes in ill be ready for the next step that will be to get it to rolling chassie rear end gears axles breaks (4 wheel disks) lines ect (3000) cant wait :toast:
Would you mind sharing with me what the frame powder-coating set you back? (Drop me a Private Message, if you prefer) How did you resolve the issue with the crossmembers? Did everything still fit, or did you have to remove some of the coating?

It sounds like you are making wonderful progress. I'm trying really hard not to feel jealous. :toast:
i havent reassembled yet i probly will have to sand the powder off the mating surfaces i got a brand new belt sander probly only on the crossmembers no big deal
as far as cost i dont mind sharing at all
i feel i got a real good price
i had 5 pieces the frame 2 crossmembers and 2 coilover
mounts they did it for 500 that price included epoxy primer too but when i went to pick up
they charged me 450 10 % off first order
real nice folks at
"absolute powdercoating" in pompano beach florida
a fiarly big outfit that got it done in 5 days :toast:

they did a top notch job and thanks for letting me give them a plug on your fine site
Mike said:
Hi thomas and welcome to the T-Bucket Forums. Whose kit are you looking to order?

Datonamanmike, how are you coming along on your project? Did you manage to get the frame powder-coated?

Thank you Mike,

I'm looking at TP Basic T-Bucket kit right now. I'm hoping to buy just a little more than the Basic kit.

thomas said:
Thank you Mike,

I'm looking at TP Basic T-Bucket kit right now. I'm hoping to buy just a little more than the Basic kit.

Thomas, I just want to touch base with you and let you know why your post did not immediately appear on the forum.

I have a spam filter on this forum that watches posts from new members that don't have many posts. If it sees certain words, such as "buy", "sell", "porn", etc., it traps the post in a moderation queue. That way, the spam posts are never seen on the open forum and don't disrupt the flow of any discussions.

The downside is when a legitimate member registers and submits a post with one of the filtered words. However we feel it is a fair trade-off, when we can stop the spam from becoming disruptive.

You are almost half-way to a post count where the filter will release you and then you won't be bothered by it again.

Welcome to the forum, by the way!
No problem,

I think thats a great idea.:toast: I wish more sites would do just that.


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