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Just saying HELLO


New Member
Just registered. I have a '23 T-bucket pretty typical 350/350. My username on most froums is LongT so some probably already know me.

Welcome to the site LongT. Hope you find something here to keep you coming back daily. Great guys here! Always ready to help and support each other.

Welcome from Amarillo TX.:lol:

:lol: Welcome to the fray, We like pictures - it is reguired here :D
Welcome! Now pull out the pics!:lol:
Welcome Bill :lol: OK they already asked for pics, so i'll just wait for 'em. :D
LongT said:
8" extended Class Glass and Performance body. Nothing real special. Not much chrome or shiny paint.

Nice ride Bill. :cool:
Welcome Long T. You probably know me as KOALA T on the NTBA boards.
OK, what is that colunm out of? Us fat guys need to know
Mike in ep
jmr122848 said:
OK, what is that colunm out of? Us fat guys need to know
Mike in ep

All I know is that it is GM tilt. I removed and filled in the hole for the key. I couldn't use the GM set-up.

chopper tom said:
I would like to see a pic of your fuel tank and some more info too ?

Fuel tank is from Speedway, 10 gal. Battery is an Odyssey from the Battery Mart, I believe a 930 for a Harley.



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